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The best in Eindhoven and surroundings!


We offer affordable new bikes, have used bikes in all price ranges and give a guarantee on used bikes from € 200,-


You pay low costs for repairs and we usually carry out the same day. Its also possible to get a borrowed bike.


Rent a bike at an advantageous rate! Starting from 2 days.

What others say about us


A very pleasant experience, quickly and professionally helped with the repair of my bike. Very happy!

MichaelKwam voor: Reparatie

Very happy with my new bike! Enough time to make a big test drive.

JoostKwam voor: Nieuwe fiets

My rear tire was leaking and I was in a hurry. Fortunately,  it was resolved quickly!

SuzanneKwam voor: Reparatie

We’re not from here and wanted to rent some cycles to see Eindhoven. Perfectly helped with the bikes and how they work.

FransKwam voor: Huurfiets

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